Metal Ring Curtain

Metal Ring Mesh Curtain is made of carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire, is composed by rings. The mainly surface treatment is Nickel Plated with silver or gold colors or by polishing treatment.

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Mesh Metal Curtain

Mesh metal curtains are becoming more and more recognized and accepted by more and more designers and homeowners. They are gradually replacing their counterparts, fabric curtains, in a large number of applications. mesh metal curtain not only have similar characteristics to fabric curtains such as flexibility and light blocking, but also prevent burning.

Mesh metal curtain for a myriad of architectural functions that meet project performance and design requirements. By choosing metal mesh curtains, shades, and panels, architects can meet shading, space delineation, fall protection, light diffusion, ventilation, privacy, blast protection, and decorative features in one highly versatile, customizable material.

Metal Ring Curtain

What are the advantages of metal mesh drapery?

Metal mesh draperys are non-combustible.

Ordinary fabric curtains can easily catch fire. However, metal curtains will never burn.

It serves you longer.Whether it's aluminum or stainless steel, metal window coverings will serve you longer and require little or no maintenance.


Metal mesh drapery include metal fabric, chainmail, chain link curtains and woven wire curtains. They are attached to curved or straight tracks to create different forms.

What are metal mesh drapery used for?

Room dividers

Room dividers are necessary for large spaces. They can divide the room into several relatively isolated areas. As a result, the room will have many functions.


Chainmail curtains and chain link curtains are perfect for window treatments. They reflect metallic light in sunlight. What's more, chain link curtains can be used as screens.

Product Application

Chain link fly screens

Chain link fly screen is easy to assemble in the summer and disassemble in the fall. It not only keeps insects out, but also adds a metallic look to the house.

Room dividers

Room dividers are often used in large areas. Metal window coverings, such as chain link curtains, chain nail curtains, woven curtains and beaded curtains, are available and affordable.

Metal Ring Curtain

Product Specification

Product Information
Materialcarbon steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, other   materials on requirements.
Wire diameter0.5 mm - 2.0 mm.
Ring diameter3.8 mm - 24 mm.
Widthup to 9.6 m.
Lengthup to 15 m.
Surfacecolor paint, polished/ matt - waxed.
Colorgolden, silver, copper, etc.
Other size can be customized by requirements.

Metal Ring Mesh Curtain Pictures

Metal Ring Curtain

Metal Ring Mesh Curtain Surface Treatment

Acid pickling:

It mainly function is cleaning the oxide layer, and the metal curtain via this kind of treatment, the color will be the silvery white.

Anodic oxidation:

To enhance the rigidity and the wear-resisting property of the AI alloy. Can make the metal curtain more durable and beautiful.

Baking finish (This is the most popular one):

This kind is the simple one of coloring the metal curtain, it just paint mixing then put the metal curtain to the coating area to make the color.

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Metal Ring Curtain

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Metal Ring Curtain

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Metal Ring Curtain

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