Wire Mesh Belt 

The Wire Conveyor Belt can be used in any kind of production line for transporting. The wire conveyor belt is from one place to another in production lines, transportation lines, oven lines, cooling and freezing lines, and is formed by weaving metal wires in various shapes.

Our wire mesh is available in any size, in patterns to fit any process, and in metals ranging from plain steel to high-strength alloys. Our wire conveyor belts and chain belts can carry light to heavy loads and run in a straight line without guidance. They can operate at low to high temperatures and are resistant to acids, alkalis, chemicals, abrasion and impact.


Freezing food machinery, canned food machinery, sea food machinery, continuous baking machinery, heat treatment machinery, glass machinery, chemical machinery, general purpose conveyors, special conveyors, architecture application, interior design application.

The conveyor weave belt is preferred in many different sectors, in accordance with the specifications of machinery used. The advantage of the weave belt is the ability to manufacture conveyor belts in desired measurements, with desired materials and required specifications. While a separate material and weave type is used for weave belt production that would come to contact with high-temperature food, a weave belt to be used for chemical washing process can be manufactured with an entirely different technique.

Wire Belting Company

Hebei Innovat Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in manufacture and sale of high-quality metal products.

Main products of INNOVAT GROUP: all kinds of steel products, aluminum products, copper productss, high temperature and corrosion resistant alloy products, wire mesh products, metal products, high-precision cold-drawned and cold-rolled products, ultraprecise stamping and machined products, high-grade metal filter products, the overall solution of the tower tank filter device, etc.

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