Chain Link Curtain

Metal ball chain beaded curtains also called Metal coil curtain, the same with chain link curtain and ring mesh curtain, is a new type of decorative metal mesh curtain. It is made of high quality stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other alloy materials by special technology.

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Metal Mesh Curtain

Metal mesh curtains and coil mesh drapery are the go-to solution for elegant room dividers and other internal screening requirements. They have the functionality of fabric curtains, but with the following advantages associated with metal:


Easy to maintain

Corrosion resistant

Durable and long life

Wide range of finishes available, including metallics

Varying degrees of transparency and fullness

Easy to install

We promote tried and tested mesh specifications but can also supply bespoke material. The free area, aperture, wire diameter, and finish of stainless steel ball chain curtain can be tailored to suit every functional and aesthetic requirement. While most popular for decorative purposes, Metal Ball Chain Curtain can be used as any of the following:

Room dividers

Energy saving window interiors

Building façades

Solar shading

Acoustic baffling

INNOVAT is dedicated to manufacturing rolled wire mesh for architects and designers to provide significant architectural performance and environmental benefits.

Metal Ball Chain Curtain offer a greater degree of design flexibility to meet specific visual criteria, functional requirements, and even modest budgets. Hung from above, metal chain curtains can be attached to operable attachment systems, and with the flexibility and formability of the material, these removable systems allow for multiple spatial configurations, privacy when needed, and can even be concealed within wall channels. In addition, the stainless steel curtain is more durable than everyday window coverings and can withstand the rigors of residential and commercial environments, including high-traffic lobbies, restaurants, offices, warehouse facilities and more.

Product Details
Material Stainless Steel, Iron Wire, Copper, Aluminum Alloy, etc
Wire Diameter0.5mm-2mm
Aperture Size3mm-20mm
Open Area40%-85%
Weight4.2kg/m2-6kg/m2 (depending on the shape and material chosen)
ColorsSilver, Brass, Yellow, Ultra Black, Red, Purple, Bronze, Pearl Gray, etc

Chain link curtain


Specifications Details
MaterialWire diameterApertureThicknessWeight
Carbon steel0.9mm6.3mm3/16″5.8mm4.0kg/m2
Stainless steel1.0mm8.4mm1/4″6.7mm3.5kg/m2
Aluminium-magnesium alloy1.2mm8.5mm1/4″7.1mm2.0kg/m2

Chain link curtain

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Chain link curtain

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Chain link curtain

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Chain link curtain

Mesh Curtain Application

1.Curtain-shower, door, window, house;

2.Space divider-for home, office, hotel, supermarket, etc;

3.For decoration- ceiling lamp, wall covering, display, light partitioning, trade fair exhibition;

4.For protection-facade, enclosures, cladding, sun shades;

5.Screens & isolation - for dining hall, etc.


Chain link curtain

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Chain link curtain

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Chain link curtain